Vár-hegy Forest Reserve

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ER-59 (HU)
core area: 94.1 ha; buffer zone: 244.8 ha; total area: 338.9 ha
contact person: Horváth, Ferenc (MTA ÖK), Institute of Ecology and Botany, MTA Centre for Ecological Research
Posted/updated: : 2018-05-29
It was declared as a forest reserve by the Decree No. 3/2000. of the Ministry of Environment (MK 2000/26: 1299-1304.).


"There are old stands with special structure of oak forests in the reserve core area, in long ago abandoned condition with high biological diversity."
Horváth és Bölöni (2002) Az ER-ok kutatásszempontú besorolása és rövid jellemzése 1999-ben [Classification and brief description of the forest reserves in 1999 from the viewpoint of research perspective]