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The "Publications" and "Manuscripts, documents" are separately managed collections of the Forest Reserve Programme Archive (ER Archive). We are gathering here the publications related to the aims of the Forest Reserve Programme.

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Bartha, D. (2010): The past, present and future tasks of Hungarian dendrological research. Acta Biologica Hungarica 61: 2-19. (More) 2010
Bültmann H; Jarolimek I. et al; Sipkova Z. et al; Fanelli G. et al; Pedashenko H. et al; Brullo C et al;...:An International Journal of Coenology and Plant Ecology. Sapienza Universita di Roma. Roma, 2010 (More) 2010
Varga Zs. (2010): Madártani monitoring az Aggteleki-karszt területén (1986-2006) - Ornithological monitoring on the Aggtelek karst (1986-2006). ANP Füzetek VII. (More) 2010
Marchetti, M. et al. (2010): Ecological portrayal of old-growth forests and persistent woodlands in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park (southern Italy). Plant Biosystems 144(1): 130-147. (More) 2010
Koizumi, T., Okabe, K., Thompson, I., Sugimura, K., Toma, T. & Fujita, K. [eds.](2010): "The role of forest biodiversity in the sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services in agro-forestry, fisheries, and forestry". April 26-28, Tokyo, Japan (More) 2010
Kardol, P., Todd, D. E., Hanson, P. J. & Mulholland, P. J. (2010): Long-term successional forest dynamics: species and community responses to climatic variability. Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 627-642. (More) 2010
Plue, J., Verheyen, K., Van Calster, H., Marage, D., Thompson, K. Kalamees, R., Jankowska-Blaszczuk, M. Bossuyt, B. & Hermy, M. (2010): Seed banks of temperate deciduous forests during secondary succession. Journal of Vegetation Science 21: 965-978. (More) 2010
Kleinbauer, I., Dullinger, S., Peterseil, J. & Essl, F. (2010): Climate change might drive the invasive tree Robinia pseudacacia into nature reserves and endangered habitats. Biological Conservation 143: 382-390. (More) 2010
Koncz, G., Papp, M., Török, P., Kotroczó, Zs., Krakomperger, Zs., Matus, G. & Tóthmérész, B. (2010): The role of seed bank in the dynamics of understorey in an oak forest in Hungary. Acta Biologica Hungarica 61: 109-119. (More) 2010
Ryan, M.G., Harmon, M.E., Birdsey, R.A., Giardina, C.P., Heath, L.S., Houghton, R.A., Jackson, R.B., McKinley, D.C., Morrison, J.F., Murray, B.C., Pataki, D.E. & Skog, K.E. (2010): A Synthesis of the Science on Forests and Carbon for U.S. Forests. IE:13 (More) 2010
Márton O. és Ódor P. (2010): Bontóvágás vizsgálata az Őrségben. Erdészeti Lapok 145(6): 226-228. (More) 2010
Mátyás, Cs. (2010): Forecasts needed for retreating forests. Nature 464: 1271. (More) 2010
Kanalas, P. et al. (2010): Seasonal and diurnal variability in sap flow intensity of mature sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) trees in relation to microclimatic conditions. Acta Biologica Hungarica 61: 95-108. (More) 2010
Knoot, T. G., Schulte, L. A., Tyndall, J. C. & Palik, B. J. (2010): The State of the System and Steps Toward Resilience of Disturbance-dependent Oak Forests. Ecology and Society 15(4): 5. [online] (More) 2010
Hill. R.A. et al: Mapping tree species in temperate deciduous woodland using time-series multi-spectral data. Applied Vegetation Science, 13: (86-89), 2010 (More) 2010
Dean, C. & Wardell-Johnson, G. (2010): Old-growth forests, carbon and climate change: Functions and management for tall open-forests in two hotspots of temperate Australia. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 180-193. (More) 2010
Paillet, Y. et al. (2010): Compromises in Data Selection in a Meta-Analysis of Biodiversity in Managed and Unmanaged Forests: Response to Halme et al. Conservation Biology 24(4): 1157-1160. (More) 2010
Blasi, C. et al. (2010): Multi-taxon and forest structure sampling for identification of indicators and monitoring of old-growth forest. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 160-170. (More) 2010
Certain, G. és Skarpaas O: Nature Index. General framework, statistical method and data collection for Norway.NINA Report, 542. 47 pp. Oslo, 2010. (More) 2010
Liira, J. & Kohv, K. (2010): Stand characteristics and biodiversity indicators along the productivity gradient in boreal forests: Defining a critical set of indicators for the monitoring of habitat nature quality. Plant Biosystems 144(1): 211-220. (More) 2010