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The "Publications" and "Manuscripts, documents" are separately managed collections of the Forest Reserve Programme Archive (ER Archive). We are gathering here the publications related to the aims of the Forest Reserve Programme.

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Araújo, M et al: Downscaling European species atlas distributions to a finer resolution: implacations for conservation planning. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 14:(17-30), 2005. (More) 2005
Guralnick, Robert és Van Cleve, Jeremy: Strengths and weaknesses of museum and national survey data sets for predicting regional species richness: comparative and combined approaches. Diversity and Distribution, 11. (349-359), 2005. (More) 2005
Solymos R. (2004): Nemzeti Erdőprogramunk tudományos megalapozása. Magyar Tudomány 2004/4: 461-472. (More) 2004
Bartha Dénes és nagy Anikó (2004): Threatened tree and shrub species in Hungary; Folia Oecologica-vol.31. no.2.(2004): 136-144 (More) 2004
Voloscuk, Ivan (2004): Tree species composition of natural geobiocoenoses in forest types in Slovakia; vol. 31, no. 2. (2004): 122-135; Folia Oecologica (More) 2004
Stefancik, Igor (2004): Tree species growth in mixed spruce, fir and beech stands; Folia Oecologica- vol. 31, no. 1.(2004): 36-39 (More) 2004
Marchetti, Marco (2004): Monitoring and Indicators of Forest Biodiversity in Europe- From Ideas to Operationality. EFI Proceedings No. 51. (More) 2004
Ahrens, W. et al (2004): Zur Erfassung von Waldstrukturen im Luftbild... Band 5. Waldschutzgebiete Baden-Württemberg (More) 2004
Thuiller, W. et al: Do we need land-cover data to model species distributions in Europe? Journal of Biogeography, 31: (353-361), 2004 (More) 2004
Nociarová, Gabriella (2004): Site characteristics and ecological stability of forest ecosystems on permanent monitoring plots in the Protected Landscape Area - Biosphere reserve Pol'ana; Folia Oecologica vol. 1. (2004): 23-30 (More) 2004
Lendvai Á. Z, Szentirmai I (2004): Természetvédelmi Közlemények 11. évf. Budapest (More) 2004
Nadkarni, N. M. (2004): Not Preaching to the Choir: Communicating the Importance of Forest Conservation to Nontraditional Audiences. Conservation Biology 18(3): 602-606. (More) 2004
Exner T. Máthé L (2004): A természetközeli erdőtelepítés lehetőségei Magyarországon. WWF füzetek 23, Budapest (More) 2004
Mátrai, K., Szemethy, L., Tóth, P., Katona, K. & Székely, J. (2004): Resource use by red deer in lowland nonnative forests, Hungary. Journal of Wildlife Management 68(4): 879-888. (More) 2004
Mátyás Cs, Vig P (2004): Erdő és klíma (Forest and climate) IV.kötet. Sopron (More) 2004
Barancekova, M. (2004): The roe deer diet: Is floodplain forest optimal habitat? Folia Zool.-53(3):285-292 (More) 2004
Jarmila Prokesová (2004): red deer in the floodplain forest: the browse specialist?.Folia Zool. -53(3):293-302 (More) 2004
Pommerening, A. & Murphy, S. T. (2004): A review of the history, definitions and methods of continuous cover forestry with special attention to afforestation and restocking. Forestry 77(1): 27-44. (More) 2004
Bartha D, Gadó Gy.P, Szabó G et al (2004): Így is lehet fát vágni! Az erdőgazdálkodás jövője a budai erdőkben; Budapest (More) 2004
Canhos,V.P et al: Global Biodiversity Informatics: Setting the Scene for a "New World" of Ecological Modeling. Biodiversity Informatics, 1. (1-13), 2004. (More) 2004