Surveillance monitor

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The surveying of selected forest reserves according to standard protocols begun in 2005. At these sites stand dynamic and forest ecology networks (ERDŐ+h+á+l+ó) were created. The long term series of surveys (ER HTV) take place at the sampling points (MVP) of ERDŐ+h+á+l+ó. Such a survey is called an ER HTV project, and during this usually assessment of tree stand structure (FAÁSZ), tree regeneration and shrubs (ÚJCS), herb layer (ANÖV) is done, furthermore taking document photos (FOTO) and soil mapping (TALAJ) are done. The ER HTV research projects are usually financed by the Government (Nature Protection Department), and carried out by the coordination and involvement (and/or its financing) of the CER HAS.

Further research projects related to Forest-Reserves are called objective oriented or aimed research (CK). These projects are usually realized from other financial sources, of which we do not always get knowledge. We try to follow and document these in the ER Archives, therefore we gladly accept any information on these projects.

The diagrams below provide complete and up to date overview of the ER HTV research projects, while only those CK projects are in the overview, which we get knowledge of and register in our system.