Prédikálószék Forest Reserve

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ER-02 (HU)
Prédikálószék Forest Reserve (Visegrádi-hegység)
core area: 27.3 ha; buffer zone: 143.0 ha; total area: 170.3 ha
Posted/updated: : 2022-03-03
It was declared as a forest reserve by the Decree No. 14/2000 of the Ministry of the Environment (MK 2000/66: 4068-4072.)

There are mainly homogeneously structured and young or coppice-originated, elder oak stands on humid towards quite dry sites. Approximating the natural forest structure or visible forest dynamic processes have not occurred yet. The game stock is oversized.
Horváth és Bölöni (2002) Az ER-ok kutatásszempontú besorolása és rövid jellemzése 1999-ben [Classification and brief description of the forest reserves in 1999 from the viewpoint of research]