"ER" 3 - Survival of a virgin forest fragment

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We have completed the next volume of our series (ER 3, 2009), ER - The Results of Research of Forest Reserves. The author outlines and describes not only the forest history of the Kékes-Észak Forest Reserve but the background regarding historical facts and policies. In the field of force of these conditions a special situation could occur: one of Hungary’s virgin forest remains below the Kékes Ridge – now proven – still exists today and lives its natural life!


  • Borhidi, Attila & Horváth, Ferenc (2009) Szerkesztői előszó / Preface of the editors, ER 3:5-6.
  • Czájlik, Péter (2009) Kékes-Észak erdőrezervátum és térségének története: egy őserdőfragmentum fennmaradása (in Hungarian), ER 3:7-94.
  • Czájlik, Péter & Gabriella Pászty (2009) Extended summary of the Kékes-Észak Forest Reserve and the surrounding region's history: survival of a virgin forest fragment, ER 3:97-115.