Floodplain oak woodlands of Subcarpathia are in focus

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Horváth Ferenc

László Demeter from the village of Rafajnaújfalu in Subcarpathia won a doctoral scholarship to the research of the Quercus robur gallery forests of Bereg region. Then he gained admission to the Doctoral School in Biology of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Pécs, where he will start his studies and work with the scientific leading of Zsolt Molnár and Ferenc Horváth (MTA Centre for Ecological Research).

The two main objectives of the planned research are:

  • The evaluation of forest history and landscape ecology of the most natural riverine hardwood forest stands characteristic to Subcarpathia in an international synopsis.
  • Analysis of the stand structure of chosen forests in the Upper-Tisza region (Szatmár-Bereg Plain and Subcarpathian Plain) in conjunction with forest history and ecology, and their evaluation from the viewpoints of nature conservation and sustainable forest management.